The Boats

Fairweather Cruises & Events: The best views are from the water!

cruise shipChoose one of Fairweather’s yachts for your cruise. The yachts are all available for breakfast, lunch and dinner cruises, and any special event. From the moment you step onboard, your pleasure and comfort are the crew’s top priority.

For pricing on any of the boats please e-mail us or call us at: 604-438-4960
For term-charters rates see our Luxury Yacht Charters page

“The night on the water was perfect! The weather was great, my girlfriend was very surprised, and Ken and the crew of the Summer Sun showed us an amazing time. Thank you so much for helping me organize one of the most memorable parties I’ve ever been to!”
Sincerely, Jaidev


Vancouver Boats

Name of Vessel Size Guest
Seated Dinner Capacity Additional Information
Sea sanctuary SEA SANCTUARY 50´ 12 6-8  
great bear cruise boat GREAT BEAR II 54´ 8 8 Onboard caterer
Someday Cruise boat SOMEDAY 63′  47   May bring own food & beverages
Pacific yellowfin PACIFIC YELLOWFIN 120´ 49 24 Onboard caterer
ROYAL VANCOUVER 75´ 99 99 Onboard caterer
Eloquent Boat Cruise ELOQUENT 72´ 96 60 3-hour cruises with dinner.
Plus 15% gratuities
Carousel boat cruise CAROUSEL II 85´ 95 60 Onboard caterer
Horn Blower cruise HORNBLOWER 60´ 92 92 Onboard caterer
Magic Charm Boat MAGIC CHARM 110´ 215 140 Onboard caterer
Rates include fuel surcharge
constitution boat cruise CONSTITUTION 100´ 95 87 Onboard caterer
Dance floor on 2nd level
Sunset Boat PACIFIC YACHT 105´ 275  140 Onboard caterer
Harbour Princess HARBOUR PRINCESS 105´ 275 190 Onboard caterer
Dancing on 2nd level
Abitibi Boat ABITIBI 140´ 370 220 Onboard caterer
Queen of Diamonds QUEEN OF DIAMONDS 135´ 400 300 Onboard caterer
Brittania Boat BRITANNIA 150´ 350 250 Onboard caterer
Dance floors on each inside deck
Magic Spirit boat MAGIC SPIRIT 155′ 385 385 Onboard caterer
Providence PROVIDENCE 80′ 15 15